Chef experience

Foraging experience in the undergrowth: tastes never tried before!

with Mirko Gatti
*03-language experience

Offered in:

Italian, English


6 hours


Max. 8 people
Mirko Gatti Foraging Experience in the undergrowth with Radici Restaurant

Foraging Experience with Chef Mirko on Lake Como

the experience in short

The foraging experience in the undergrowth of Cavallasca, where the Radici Restaurant is located, is the essential path to understanding how awareness is behind the creation of extraordinary dishes: the wealth of raw materials that the earth has offered for centuries.

This is what it provides:

- The experience will have start in Cavallasca at the Radici Restaurant where Mirko and Sara will welcome you and make you feel immediately at home.

- From there we will head to one of the chef's favourite locations for the foragingwhere Mirko will unveil those raw materials that the land at that moment has to offer: herbs, roots, pinecones, flowers, berries and always something new from discover.

- Return to the restaurant for a welcome drink and a educational path where the chef will show how to use and enhance these elements that you never thought could be part of a dish.

- You don't want to leave like that, do you? At the end of the experience, you can enjoy Chef Gatti's ancestral and innovative cuisine in an tasting menu with juice pairing.

Mirko Gatti Foraging Experience in the undergrowth with Radici Restaurant

Mirko Gatti

know your cicero

I am Mirko, Chef Patron of the Radici Restaurant.

After years spent in world-famous kitchens such as the NomaI realized how much the experimentation is an essential part of my understanding of the art of cooking.

The 'Radici' project was born out of this awareness mixed with the desire to bring back to Italy, to my home, all that I had learnt, but it also underlines the close bond I have with my country. nature.

And so here is the link with Cicero: I would like to teach how to use what the land has to offer by going so far as to tell the story of a territory or a habitat through a plate.


When: 09:00
Where: San fermo della battaglia, 22020 CO
Radici Restaurant

what is included


Foraging with the Chef

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Lunch at Radici Restaurant

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Radici Reastaurant for exclusive use

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    Cicero Xmas

    Do you want to surprise your loved ones with a unique gift?
    Buy the gift-card for this experience: it is valid for one year!


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